What we're up to in Augustatown

We moved to an apartment in Augusta almost two weeks ago. These are strange lands to us, and sometimes the winds blow a foul paper treatment smell our way. In these precious moments we dream of Peachtree St, the Vortex, Starbucks, and concrete and glass.

We're situated in a nice area. Lots of historic homes and shade trees around. A house down the street has a historic society sign on it and dates from the late 1800's. It has about 8 trashcans outside it, so I'm not sure how many families are sequestered away behind the white wood planks.

We've been setting the apartment up so that we can avoid having anything to do but focus on school and work once med school starts. We put up some blinds and a new thermostat. Today Michelle bounced up to me and said let's break down boxes!, so there's that too.

We've been watching more TV than normal. For the first time in 6 or so years we have cable. Comcast had a deal that allowed us to get both for $50; internet alone would have been $59, so that's how that happened.

A couple lives in the duplex unit below us and they're both at MCG. They're really nice and know Augusta well and have pointed out some of the better places to eat.

And, of course, we walk Fitz places. We took him to the Riverwalk the other day and ran into someone who's a 3rd year that Michelle knew in high school. IMG_6506 I think someone watching me do this felt it was inappropriate, but they don't know what Fitz is capable of. If they did, they wouldn't harbor thoughts like that. IMG_6510