He's a jealous dog

We have a lot of fun taking advantage of Fitz's excitement levels when we come home every day. One of us will sometimes hide while the other one greets him. Inevitably, he realizes someone's missing and runs around looking for us.

More often than that, though, we'll just jump on the bed together and lay facing each other so tight that he can't really get any "face time". This bothers him greatly and amuses us. He sniffs around our heads looking for a way in, and, if he can't find one, will begin scratching rapidly at Michelle's skull. She laughs, breaks away a little, and he takes advantage of this and inserts his nose between us.

Sometimes, when we're not even trying to have fun with him and are just hugging or hanging out he'll whimper a little. If we continue to kiss he jumps up to where we are and presses his back against Michelle's face and pushes me away with his stick-like leg.

He only does this if we've recently been gone. He's getting a little too familiar for my tastes, but it's also fun to mess with him.

In other news, I'm trying to finish a third iPhone app and then take some time to update the EatRight app. Customers would like to see more customization capabilities regarding their diet choices, though the ability to simply rely on the USDA pyramid guidelines will remain the default.