Fedex Redux

It's no wonder, by the estimates of some search engine tools I've got here, that people search for Fedex sucks nearly 100 times a day.

I'd like to pop up when people search for Fedex sucks so here goes.

Michelle spent a good chunk of time filling out a claim form on the phone with a representative. The lady told us to pack the box up and someone would pick it up the next day and we'd be sent a copy of the claim form to let the shipper know so that we could be reimbursed.

Well, after waiting a few days and still not receiving the form Michelle called again. Lucky us no claim was filed. We have no idea what the customer service lady was typing for 30 minutes. Our package was picked up; nobody knows where it is.

The online claim form doesn't recognize our tracking number and date and dies with a stupid error message. I emailed Fedex (you seriously can't get in touch with anyone that actually knows something no matter what) and let them know the situation. A few minutes later I got a form reply saying to try the online claims form.

I smacked my head and burst into flames.

So, to review and to enhance keyword quality: Fedex is lame, Fedex has horrible customer service, Fedex leaves things in the rain, Fedex drives too fast through the neighborhood, Fedex cannot be contacted; they deny everything and send lukewarm form letters about caring and suggest you use their busted-ass web applications.

This post is pointless, but then again so is calling Fedex. At least with this some other people will see they're not alone. Maybe I can use Jigsaw to get on the phone with somebody who knows something there.