Eat right with a daily food diary

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How will you feel when you eat right every day? EatRight makes keeping a daily food diary easy.

The app shows you all of the food groups you should eat from every day. Tap a food group when you've eaten a serving. If you eat everything you're supposed to, the app will make a note of it. You can also track water and sweets/fats and view a simple log of the past week.

It's easy to use, which means it's easy to keep using. That's key.

The latest version of the EatRight food journal app was built from the ground up for iOS 7 and adds some of the features users have requested over the years. It also supports the updated ChooseMyPlate guidelines.

The serving examples on the flipside of the app screen will help you decide how many servings of fruit are in the slice of watermelon you just ate, or how many grains servings are in your bowl of rasin bran (a little fruit with that one too!).

EatRight is intentionally simple. You decide how to use it. You might use it once a day as a workout diet diary. You can customize the number of food groups to match a nutrition plan or special diet you're on. Trying P90X? EatRight can help you with the basics of the meal plan, and better support is coming.

EatRight uses the latest USDA MyPyramid serving guidelines as the basis for its preset recommendations (the updated version of the classic food pyramid).

New in v1.4 Theme support. If you don't like the default icons, you can use colored squares to represent your portions

New in v1.3.1 - You can swipe left or right to track water and sweets/fats intake. You can also view a simple log of what you've eaten over the past 7 days.

Having trouble? Some users have seen an issue where the app stops saving after an update. To fix this, hold the icon down, delete the app, and re-sync with iTunes to install the app again.

Version 1.2 adds support for adjusting the time the app resets each day. Typically this is at midnight, but if you work an odd schedule, you may want to consider the end of the day being at some other time.

Support was also added for creating a custom diet profile. You can select the number of servings you want to target from each food group, which allows you to craft custom diets (or diets that match the basics of P90X, South Beach, Atkins, etc). This is also helpful to vegetarians and vegans.

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Servings based on guidelines.

Flipside view showing app settings

Adjust the time the day counter resets

Mark foods you've eaten with a tap

Choose a preset diet plan, or customize one

Select your desired daily servings goal

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