What Brown Did For Me

Since this morning, my Amazon package has been out for delivery. I came home expecting to see the package on the doorstep, but it wasn't there. Not only that, but the doormat wasn't there either. Just as my fear of someone stealing my package and taking the doormat as a bonus surged, I noticed the doormat had blown behind our bushes. No package, though.

I busied myself with changing the truck's oil. Six quarts of expensive 5W-20 were expended. I love fresh oil's amber color. I do not love oil, generally, though. Maybe olive oil. The sun was setting so I hurried and used a flashlight. Maybe through maintenance I can be like this guy.

I'll stop the details now. Suffice it to say that bean burritos were eaten and Friends was watched. Then, around 8 PM, I hear the clatter of a diesel outside. Is it normal for UPS to come so late?

So the new clothing iron and my book are finally here, days after Michelle's order. I'll be spending the small amount of what's left of this night reading this, The Memory of Running.