Things I Don't Understand

Rachael Ray's two wildly popular shows, $40 a Day and 30 Minute Meals. In one, she tries hard to eat for $40 a day and says Mmmm, this is excellent after every bite of everything. In the other, she cooks supposedly quick meals in a half hour. Were these things not possible before these shows? Michelle and I can eat for $25 dollars a day! And sometimes, if the meal is not good, we will not be fake and say Mmmm. Also, when staying home, I can cook a good dinner in 15-20 minutes. I offer a substantial 33% time savings! Our vegetarian meals are blazing quick.

Another thing: USPS vs. UPS. Michelle placed an Amazon order 2 days after I placed mine. Hers shipped with USPS and arrived here yesterday. Mine went hours out of its way, touring the country with the Travelocity gnome and is still not here.

People's resistance to the evolution. Parents don't want it taught, and teachers shy away from it so as not to anger these "wise" parents. I dislike how the minions abuse the word theory, taking it to mean wild guess instead of scientific construct. Gravity is a theory too, people, but you can bet that when I push you down those stairs you'll believe it.