How Saturday Went Down

Woke up early and went to the base to use the auto skills shop. After a 20 minute wait a bay opened up and I pulled the Accord in. I had to ask for help to make sure I had the lift positioned correctly, but after that it was pretty easy to do the tire rotation. Brought my own torque wrench to tighten the lugs to 80 lb-ft. Amazingly, the shimmy we had experienced while braking appears to have dissipated after this. I could have sworn we had a warped rotor, but maybe one of the lugs was way too tight. That's what you get from those high-speed, high-cost mechanics, I guess. The bill for this morning's work was $3, but only because I don't charge myself labor.

While I was waiting for the bay to open, Michelle went running at a nearby track and ran 2.5 miles. She finished about the time I was pulling in and helped me out.

After I finished the rotation I changed and ran a mile.

Then it was like 10:30. We ate at Subway and drove home. Took a small nap. Cooked a bean burrito. Watched Friends. Waited for my Amazon package to arrive, but it didn't. Cooked Morningstar farms cheeseburgers with the works and some baked Lays. Became a level 7 in Halo 2.

Now we're up to the present moment, which, in the typing, has become the past. More of the mundane later.

update The Halo servers have revoked my Level 7 privileges and I'm back to a 6 now.