Friday's Weekly Bits

Ford has a dubious set of new commercials for their F series trucks. They are blatant and somewhat embarrassing, the core message being if you drive this truck, you can kill rattlers with your poisonous man-blood and scare bikers from roadhouses. I preferred the series of commercials before this one, in which they analyzed components or features of the trucks (the F-150's bed bolts, suspension, Quiet Steel, or Tow Command in the SuperDuty). On the bright side, these newer commercials will likely appeal to many, many people and help increase sales.

It's been two or three weeks since I disappeared from Google's index for the second time. I don't know why this happens. I feel the right thing to have happen when you google 'romej' is to see me somewhere on the first page. MSN's new search is still good to me, giving me top rankings for all sorts of fabricated search terms.

Found an interesting interview with Dave Eggers at the Onion. I had been re-reading YSKOV for the past two nights and so this was timely.

Michelle and I have this thing we do when we need cash. She invented it. Basically, she holds me up and I'm forced to give her my money. She does this when I least expect it--I feel a jab at my side, then her cute voice telling me stick-em-up and/or gimme your money (italics do not communicate this tone). I reluctantly open my wallet and hand her a dollar or two. She feigns extreme happiness and holds the money like a miserly raccoon.

We came home from running errands today and fell asleep on the bed, the slits in the blinds washing us in stripes of light. When we woke up, there was no sun anymore. Naps like this are good sometimes.

She is playing Halo 2 now, and I will join her, or at least become a backseat driver, shouting things like "Look out!" and "Shoot that guy."