New Slang

Tonight I finally got around to changing this site's layout. I like having space around all the content. There's still a lot to play around with, but this is pretty much the new look.

Tonight, with my hot cup of home-brewed, store-bought Starbucks at my side, I slayed many unwitting fools in Halo 2. Highlight: going up against 4 guys alone and doing quite well. Low point: Having a 5-year-old ridicule me (he destroyed me).

We cooked a big mexican lasagne tonight using an El Paso kit. Their slogan is Make it taco night or something, which, to me, is a lot like Make it a Blockbuster night. There were four layers of tortilla, beans, vegetarian meat, cheese, onions, etc. It was pretty good. Those taco kits generally scare me as they're so packaged. You can tell the tortillas are chemically treated, or at least I imagine that I can.

Had lunch at Georg's near the gate. It's a German place that serves some pretty interesting dishes. I had a bratwurst last time, and this time Michelle and I both had the special, a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant. One of the entrances to the back lot is a curb that goes up into some dirt and runs between a tree and a bush, so you can have an off-roading adventure before you eat. Drove the truck today and took advantage of this opportunity.

Another long weekend, and next week we leave for Las Vegas.

update The caffeine hasn't worn off and I'm wide awake at hours reserved for sleep. Repeatedly playing See You Soon by Coldplay to relax myself. The window is cracked, it's cool outside and the rain is falling softly.