Bouncin on Berber

Last night Michelle and I picked out an in-stock berber style carpet from Lowe's and made a fuss (after our 4-week late dog door) over making sure they'd have it ready and process the order correctly. The guy in the back was like "jeez, it's carpet, it's right here, it'll be ready". We left satisfied.

Then this morning we get a call from our installer and he tells us Lowe's has no record of us buying a carpet.

I'll skip a lot of the details, but we were pissed. With all the delays I feared losing the install, and we had spent the previous night making sure all the small items were cleared from each room.

James Haggart of Haggart Floors was cool, though. The installation went incredibly fast and he even put the transition pieces I had bought and cut in place. All for the awesome price of $.50/sq. ft.

Having cleared each room gave us the opportunity to dust and put things back right. Rooms need a purging like this every so often.