Promotion Celebration

Tonight I graduated to a Level 6 in Halo 2. My cohorts achieved this level hours after ripping the packaging off of the game case, but I celebrate it still. The ceremony will be at the ever-popular Ryan's in the 'View tomorrow night.

Tonight, while watching Joey we noticed Michael doing pullups in the dooryway, using a bar that slides into two screwed-in notches at either end of the upper part of the door frame. Michelle and I slowly turned our heads and looked at each other during the scene, because shortly after moving in we removed a similar setup from one of our doors. We thought that the previous owner may have used it as a makeshift clothes hanger, since it was near the laundry room. The things you can learn on NBC.

Been sipping Wally's Hut Austrailian Shiraz. I can not tell a good wine from a bad one. I like coffee better.

Launchcast has a cool feature that lets you create your own customized radio station. You start by selecting a few genres you like as well as a few example artists. Then it brings those genres and artists up, allowing you to rate each song, artist, and album. Other songs appear, and a reason is given for their selection. Fans of Veruca Salt like Six Pence None the Richer, etc. You keep voting and it apparently gets better. Mine plays a good mix of Coldplay, Massive Attack, Def Leppard, and some other ones. Occasionally it'll throw some 1950's jazz at me because I said I liked Norah Jones a little--to which I wield my veto powers and ban that song from ever appearing again. It's fun.

Microsoft has published a guide to understanding l33tspeak.

You don't have to throw a fish to have fun!