Updating to Update

I hate it when too much time goes by between posts. Keep the readers coming, Stevo, I tell myself.

Tonight I had one of the best rounds of Team Slayer evar. Two of my team members dropped out, so it was me and this other guy, who at the start of the game treated me like trash. By the end we were 2 up on the team with 20 seconds to go. I died with 10 seconds to go but the other guy was hiding and we won.

We have been extremely tired lately. I feel like there's too many small things I like to do when I get home (TV, movies, Halo, internet, reading) and a constant amount of things I have to do (dishes, cleanup, grocery shopping). Mostly it's just getting up at 5:30.

Brian added some long-awaited features to blur6ex, though he managed to beat the homepage with some sort of ugly stick. Those features will be in the next release, and I will not disclose them so as to keep suspense at staggeringly high levels.

Incidentally, brian's blog has more interesting things on it currently, because he is taking classes and expanding his mind.

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