Spider buddy

Years ago we came home after a night out and parked outside the house. Michelle passed through a web on the way in and I quickly urged her don't worry, they usually aren't in the center. As we were pulling the web off she felt something. She lifted her arm from her side, from shadow into light. Sure enough a big black and yellow argiope was trekking across her bare forearm. Flip out ensued. Mostly she was annoyed that I was so sure nothing would be on her.

More recently Bingley came into the bathroom while she was getting ready. She noticed a leaf on his side and plucked it from his body to throw in the trash.

Then it started to move in her fingers.

She wiggled her hand but a bit of web made it stick to the fingertips for two seconds too long.

Last night she caught a small one in her glass of water. It made a raft out of its legs which was impressive. After asking if she picked it up by hand and placed it in the glass I took it outside and gently dumped it.