Moving neighbors, skee ball, and nosama

Our next-door neighbors left for Alaska again last Friday. This time they're gone for good. It's a little sad as Fitz and Henry had yelp-out-loud fun together almost every non-summer day for the past couple years. BFF Here's Fitz and Henry, cracking plastic eggs to reveal a rawhide chunk.

We went to Adventure Crossing to race karts and play skee ball. Karts! It was Michelle and me and a half dozen kids under age 8. We had to go easy on them as their parents were watching. Michelle had the unfortunate experience of being behind a kid that couldn't keep his car straight. Once she got past him she rode the wind. I eventually approached that same kid from behind, ready to lap him.

In the years we haven't played Skee Ball, we've gotten really good at it. Our machine was spewing tickets and a handful of tokens lasted nearly an hour.

Saturday we went with the Pierce's to the river walk and market. We all bought a gallon of strawberries then walked, perhaps too far, down to Pizza Joint. Pizza Joint Michelle and Fitz chilling at our outside table, waiting for lunch.

We were reading and watching on-demand TV Sunday night. Michelle must have seen the news about Osama before bed but she was really tired and it seemed like a dream. By morning it was all over the news and we heard of the gatherings outside the WTC memorial site and the White House. It was a good day (and a good weekend).