Pop-Off 2005

Early this morning, the mandate was delivered: a pop-off on our trampoline was to be held between us and our friends MC Hughes and Momma T.

We spent some time admiring their tiny new Chihuahua, the mandate was accepted, and we left.

Once home, we prepared for the battle, stretching and rolling on the floor in concentric circles. Hours passed and C and T still hadn't shown. I guessed that their fear was too great, and let myself relax.

Then, a rap at my door, it's MC Hughes, talkin trash about being late because of a nap. The pop-off was on.

We began by languidly laying around the trampoline, to clear the mind. The Chihuahua, Ava, was included. I have a feeling Chris wants to prepare it for battlin' Buzzle later in life. Sucka, plz.

Theresa had a completely separate warmup routine which included running a mile.

I was fully ready by the end of all this, but Chris needed additional warmups. He proceeded to challenge young Pim, a girl of only four years. Seconds into the match, he managed to invert her mid-air. I had never seen anything like that, and knew he'd be a worthy opponent, the challenging of tykes aside.

Later, I went up against Pim after she called me out. She demonstrated an advanced move, the touching of ones toes mid-air, and asked me to repeat. I had spent too much time warming up to go down like that and performed the move flawlessly. I then performed a land on the butt-back-feet move, and took Pim down hard. She never made that last move, her 46lb body unable to compete. Theresa next performed these same moves, scoring more points in the toe-touching event.

Pim, perhaps looking for an easy opponent, next challenged Michelle. Michelle reluctantly accepted. The bouncing at first seemed frivolous, but Michelle quickly dominated, delivering a swift kick to Pims head after popping her down. She tried to play like she was sorry, but that's just how she battles.

For the main event, Chris and I faced off. He won points from the crowd for his pre-flip posing. His arc was graceful, the landing to die for. I didn't win points from the crowd, and my flip was crude. Still, heading into the final round, it was close.

Chris soared high with his jumps, but lost control and was disqualified. I hated winning on a technicality, but we'll have to continue this at Pop-Off 2006.

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