A Good Year

The year 2010 was a good year. Michelle and I spent part of the last day running along the Savannah River with Fitz. Scenic runs are the best.

We watched Knight and Day after dinner and then went to have some snacks with Joe, Rebecca, Charlie, and Erin (and Grayson and all the puppies).

It was the year mom moved to Arizona, after a brief stint holding down the fort alone while Jim got everything settled in Tucson.

Michelle had a great finish to year one and spent the summer doing research at MCG. We used Netflix heavily over the summer, catching up on things we missed the the previous fall and spring. At the end of the summer we took a trip to Boston and New York. It was great and sorely needed.

It was the year mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and bravely underwent surgery and recovery. New city, new doctors, and less family around. It was surely harder for her than I realize but I'm proud of her strength and the fact that she's working hard to stay fit.

Last year we lost Grammie, and in 2010 we lost her husband Mick. Her loss was really hard on him. They took some amazing road trips together and I'm glad they had each other.

My grandpa Hammer also passed away this year. I remember him sweeping the pool at Grandma's house in the 80's, my brother and I visiting them in San Diego, and the fact that he helped me get my first computer. I'm glad Michelle and I were able to visit with him a year prior in Las Vegas.

Michelle started year two and learned more week-to-week than seems possible. She finds time to do well without locking herself up in the library. If we must sit all day, it's nice to do it next to each other.

My businesses have grown this year. I set some goals in January and exceeded them sometime in the fall. One of my iPad apps was at one point the number 16 app in the United States, outselling Plants vs. Zombies.

One of my apps was featured in SELF magazine. That same app may appear in a TV segment in 2011.

Lots of running at the gym. I also injured both feet (at different times) by walking too far in bad shoes, or with bad form. The heel/plantar issues took weeks to subside and were very lame.

My dad moved back to Sierra Vista this year. He's living with Bo and finding work through old friends.

We had a nice Thanksgiving with Michelle's parents and saw Jason again.

And, of course, a healthy dose of visiting around Christmas.