Atlanta parking ticket

I parked near the Georgia Tech bookstore on Christmas Eve and noticed the parking meter said fees were exempt on state holidays. The Georgia state holidays list stated Christmas Day was being observed on the 24th, so I didn't put any money in.

When I went back to the car a ticket was on the window. Ditto for a car a few spots behind me and the one in front.

I went to after getting home and after some time found the parking dispute form. It's a PDF that you have to print, fill out, scan, and then email. I aslo had to scan a copy of the ticket.

A few days later a city clerk emailed me and said that they "had to work on the 24th". I wrote back and mentioned the state holidays as well as the instructions on the meter itself. I was told I was dealing with the "City of Atlanta, not the State". I don't know why I expected anyone to have the authority or reason to realize this was a mistake.

After some more pointless emails I checked to make sure my dispute was sent to the right place and left the matter alone. I was told I'd hear from the court in 45-60 days.

I tried to pay the ticket online today but it can't be found in the system. Big red lettering on the site says that inability to pay online is no excuse, so we wrote a check and put a stamp on it.

I can't help but picture a bunch of 5150's powering the system, along with manual file transfer (ie print, walk with paper, and scan).

UPDATE: 22 Feb. Atlanta states they never received the check. Just great.