Little tree

Joe gave us a tiny Christmas tree when I went over to help him put up the lights. He's got a great cache of decorations from years past at Old Nave and Bath and Body Works. We haven't put up our full-sized tree yet for a couple reasons. One, I'm lazy and always cut my hand while pulling it out (that's two reasons lumped), and two, we're never in the living room. It's colder out there and we spend most of our time working in the study. Last year the tree sat out there mostly unseen.

So this little trea (that's a misspelling I'll keep for now) is great. It sits on my desk, has a red cloth wrapping its base and stand, and only took four glass bulbs to decorate. I light our Slatkin and Co. Vanilla Bean Noel candle and things get appropriately festive every night.

It's been cold lately. The neighbors below are PT students and finished up for the holidays (ie, three weeks) earlier this week. It's quiet here, and in Augusta generally. The med students have a ways to go, but the end is in sight now.

Friday we went to Bee's Knees and had tapas. Michelle met up with her second-year and some others and ate at a table across the room from ours.

We passed Grayson around like a little tapa. He's fun to watch. I make him sweat though. I'm always so hot. That's why Michelle can't stay on her side of the bed. She seeks the heat, all her thought bent on it.

Today I took Fitz shopping. I had a list of things to look for at Christmas Tree Shops and went early to avoid shopping folk. Fitz likes to walk along the grass areas that border shopping centers. He goes quickly and enjoys staking a claim.

I walked him over to Petsmart and he trotted happily through the door, caught a familiar whiff, and immediately lowered his body and tried to backtrack.

I took him to watch the birds before getting his nails clipped. His ears twitch and raise and he follows them intently with his eyes.

Over the past couple days I've been finishing app updates and getting them submitted. Hopefully they'll be available on the iTunes Store before the new year.

Mom and Jim are driving out here soon from Arizona. It'll be great to finally see them. I can't believe it's been nearly a year; Mom's been through a lot this year.

It's been a good year and I'm looking forward to some time - not amid textbooks and Xcode - with Michelle. And books, movies, and maybe a video game.