I took Fitz to the dog park again this afternoon so he could socialize and express himself. He spends less time pawing at Michelle's legs when she's studying if I do this.

He doesn't seem to run as much as he did a year or two ago in Piedmont Park, but he whimpers when I mention how we're almost at the dog park!

As a light rain began to fall, a guy came in with two big dogs, one a pitt bull. It chased after Fitz and tried to corner him near the gate, where a couple were leaving. It wasn't a mean dog but it was a little too eager to play with Fitz.

Two other dogs that we've seen the last couple times we've gone to the park came to Fitz's rescue, biting at the pitt bull and pushing it back.

And then I arrived at the gate and whisked Fitz away.

We played in the field behind the park, and he didn't hesitate to chase me around beneath the trees.

So it's quite clear he more readily plays with humans now. It'll be nice when our neighbors returns from Alaska with their schnauzer.