Loves to play

Michelle and I went to the gym after her last class. Today was one of those days where several annoying people were on the track upstairs. Two girls were walking in the center of the track, and two guys were running side-by-side down the center of the track. Every half-lap we had to whip around them, which wasn't always easy as they took turns a little wide and fanned out from the center.

When we came home Michelle remained downstairs and I fetched William. He ran down and gave her some kisses and promptly found a spot in the grass to lay, as planned.

We signalled we wanted to play by running to opposite ends of the front yard. He immediately chased after Michelle, jumped up to tag her, then bolted to my side, tagged me, and ran back. We kept backing away from each other and he ran faster between us, trying to keep the time constant. He does this of his own accord, we just have to prompt him and lead him into the game.

Tonight Michelle asked him if he wanted to go to the park. He got excited and she told him to "go ask Steven". I wasn't near, was in the kitchen, was doing dishes, and he slid 'round the corner and stood up with his front legs on my knee. That makes us both laugh, and since I have a hard time denying him we ended up going to Augusta State to window shop for squirrels.