She Keeps the Home Fires Burning

We both arrived home Friday around noon, back from our respective business trips. After taking care of some home matters, we napped, for there's something to having the time to sleep mid-day, while the sun is still out.

That night we picked up 4 previously viewed DVD's from Movie Gallery for $30. Those have fueled the weekend.

Last night we got rid of some old financial documents we've collected over the years. Wanting to be thorough, we opted to burn them out back. I fired up the grill and we warmed ourselves for 45 minutes, throwing new papers on every few seconds (there were lots of old papers). The ones with lots of black ink burned with a greenish flame, so maybe the ink has copper or magnesium chloride.

Hmm, in googling for that tidbit above it seems Google's indexes have changed, and now images appear at the top of your search for some terms. My site no longer appears when you search 'romej'.