Last night in Edgefield

Last night we helped Joe and Rebecca load their U-Haul as they make their move to Augusta. Charlie, Erin, and Arden brought extra muscle and hearty attitudes.

Fitz made his city slicker demeanor evident when, after being put in the dog run, he got a bunch of green burrs stuck to him. One joined the hair below his eye with the hair above it, giving him a permanent stink eye. He looked pitiful and his friends cried when I removed him.

I let him out to stay with us, though we worried he'd be in the way. He only tripped someone up once.

After awhile he was asking to go back to see his friends. Michelle put him in and we left him there while we moved bulky items.

She asked me to check on him and as I walked back to the pen I noticed he was sitting sideways on a board right against the fence. It's like he doesn't know how to use a yard.

The dogs got the best of me and slipped out as I tried to get him. While he seemed eager to come out to see me he quickly forgot and ended up dashing away into the dark with his buds.

Michelle flipped out, her voice echoing across the neighborhood. I don't think Fitz could zero in on her location and I found him slinking around through the trees.

So ends the Edgefield times. It'll be nice to have everyone closer.