Air conditioner efficiency, not cool

I noticed bits of blown insulation around the AC vent in our kitchen when we moved in. I brushed it away but noticed that more was slowly appearing as the months passed.

A few days ago I indulged my curiosity and shined a flashlight into the AC vent in the kitchen. To my horror I saw wood. As in the backside of the roof itself.

The air never felt strong out of that vent, but it was also hard to get close to due to the refrigerator. The duct had come loose and was blowing into the attic. For nearly a year we were running like this!

I called the landlord, knowing the weather was going to go from the low 70's to high 80's over the next few days. He's a nice guy but forgetful. I pushed for a fix before the weekend so that we wouldn't be losing any more money over the weekend (highs of 93 on Sunday).
IMG_0393 Vent cover removed, revealing things as they were

We can probably cool the house an extra degree or two for the same cost. If your house doesn't feel cool enough it's worth checking your ducts in the attic for leaks as well as any issues around the vents.