Fitz and his Easter eggs

We like watching Fitz play. We especially like things that make his ears go up in confusion or wonder. That's why most of his toys make noise or move. He doesn't accept anything less at this point.

Michelle bought some plastic Easter eggs to fill and give to friends. She had a few left over and started putting Waggin Train chicken jerky pieces in them.

The first time she gave an egg to Fitz he could smell the chicken through the small holes, but he knew what he was seeing was not a piece of chicken. He nudged it with his nose and pawed it.

It took a few minutes but he eventually broke it open and got the jerky out.

We put a few more eggs together and watched as his ears perked up each time he broken one open. I made a couple without anything in them; he seemed surprised and kept looking around after he opened them.

He's very skilled at handling them now. If we lose him one day, hopefully he will be able to forage and survive off eggs.