Locked out

I took Fitz on his last walk of the day last night and locked the door behind me. A block away I patted my pockets and realized I left my keys upstairs. I continued with the walk and thought of ways I could let Michelle know I was outside, short of yelling.

The study looked higher than I remember once I was directly below it, debating throwing dried berry shells at the window. I walked around front again and attempted to climb onto the balcony. That didn't work, but I got a decent workout. I can get as far as pulling my body up, but to try and grab the railing with one hand and still hold on would be too much.

When I jumped down Fitz took it as a sign that I was heading inside and ran around the corner of the house (he's afraid of being left outside).

Then I saw the tennis ball Fitz and I play with and walked around to the back of the house. I tossed it up and it grazed the window. I tried again and got a thud. I waited for Michelle to part the blinds, like in the movies. I tossed it again and it landed short of me.

Fitz bolted toward the ball and ran off with it.

So I gave chase and we had some fun in the 28 degree weather.

I went back to do another throw and he sat waiting for the toss, making me laugh. Michelle called out about this time and he ran off to find her.

And so the adventure ended.