Snow blanket

IMG_0328 It started slow, and I figured it wouldn't be anything more than a flurry. A few hours later trees were sagging under a new weight.

Fitz wanted to go on a walk in the evening and when I opened the door he stepped back shocked and scared. It took a little coaxing but he eventually didn't seem to mind the snow at all.

The snow fell Friday and was nearly gone by today. A few large magnolia branches are laying beneath their trees.

It's been a quiet weekend. Michelle has a test Friday and it's been pretty cold. I'm working on an iPhone game and it's been a little frustrating. I wanted to follow the todo list app with something quickly, so I feel behind.

Just watched Black Hawk Down for the first time. Anticipation of Ridley Scott's Robin Hood as well as my liking of Gladiator guided me.

Haven't heard much from Mom, but they're set up in Tucson now.

...and now Michelle's playing her free Horchata song by Vampire Weekend. Had to look that up and I'm surprised I know the name of the band; really thought it was some bizarre foreign band.