The Unbearable Lightness of Being

This morning I woke up without the aid of my alarm clock. I felt refreshed and blinked slowly. After a second, I noticed it looked a little too bright in the room (I wake before the sun). I grabbed for my glasses and sat up to check the time. To my surprise, I was already an hour and a half late for work.

That's the second time this week, actually, leading me to believe I need Michelle to wake up. Which is odd, because it's not as if she wakes me up; it's that I wake up so that I can wake her.

When I got to work there was no parking anywhere. I ended up a quarter-mile from my building. It was cold and I had forgotten my jacket.

For lunch, or part of lunch, I decided to redeem my free coffee at Starbucks, only good on-base. I was surprised when the cashier asked what size I wanted, since all my ticks on the card were for Talls. I went with the Venti, which is 20.5oz, compared to the Tall's 12oz.

I am surprisingly alert at the moment, and therefore very aware of my lightheadedness. My arms feel weird.

Looking into the matter, I found this on the subject of caffeine overdosage:

Adults * body as a whole o difficulty sleeping o muscle twitching o confusion o in and out of consciousness o increased urination o increased thirst o death o fever * respiratory o difficulty breathing * gastrointestinal o vomiting o diarrhea * heart and blood vessels o irregular heartbeat o rapid heart beat * nervous system o hallucinations o dizziness o convulsions

That's messed up.