The one with her being super

I'm really proud of Michelle. Since my legendary 666th post about her white coat ceremony, she's learned enough to do, and has actually performed, pelvic exams for women in need of medical care. She's been to the homeless clinic twice now, and opportunities to help there inevitably fall on test weeks, virtually ensuring that only 1 or 2 other students will take the time to help. Pretty much just her and her friend went actually.

She can parse the terminology in those Mystery Diagnosis shows, House, and Scrubs. I toss popcorn at my face and hee-haw. So it's a little like Joey dating Charlie around here.

On top of this she got a 97 on the last test. She jokes that that's probably as good as things can get, but Fitz and I are hopeful and watching for more.

Actually, Fitz is curled up like a shrimp, sleeping. He's a bit of a letdown at times.