Fitz's growing love for the neighbor's dog

Our neighbors have been gracious in letting Fitz use their yard any time he wants. And he does want.

Henry comes out and wanders around his yard. Fitz usually sees this because Fitz spends all his time sitting in a white chair from Ikea, looking out the window. He's like a cat.

As soon as he sees his pal he jumps down, looks up at me, whines, and runs to the front door, then back to me, apparently frustrated that I didn't follow him.

He usually gets his way and I let him play for a bit.

The neighbors tell us that Fitz goes in their house and relaxes, even sleeps.

When he's ready to come home he'll actually look up from the yard into our study. It's a little creepy, but mostly endearing.

Both dogs now cry loudly when they meet up. Instant excitement.