Our Christmas of 2009: The Road edition

We have now concluded the Christmas of 2009. It was a success, the last of its kind.

We left Augusta Monday morning prior in order to make an appointment at 999 Peachtree, the office of the dentist. A lot of waiting, but no cavities to report. I have suspicious elements on a back molar.

We need to watch this. Okay. Okay? Okay.

After all that we spent some time, over the following days, at Brian's condo town. We put some work in on a project but didn't get as far as planned. His place is immaculate. I scattered lint, dirtied glasses.

He has no paper, no bills. No pencil, but why would he?

I installed a dishwasher around this time.

I don't recall much of Christmas Eve. We attempted to meet up with Mom but she is a night worker and it's sometimes hard. She offered to not go to an extended family gathering in Atlanta but I told her to go. This turned out to be a good thing because my Uncle Ray and Paula had something planned: Paula flew Jim in from Tucson and my mom didn't know until he walked right up to the window of the car at Hartsfield and knocked on it.

I'm sure that was the best present she could get.

On Christmas we had a nice meal with Michelle's parents. I started setting up her dad's new Dell Zino HD mini computer with Windows 7. Takes a bit of time, but it seems to have been a success.

I received The Road and read it after Christmas in about a day and a half.

That's pretty fast. Is it? It is.

In the afternoon we went to Ray's for another meal and met up with family. Jim brought pictures of the apartment and we had a look around his neighborhood in Oro Valley with Google Maps street view. It was nice to see everyone, to tell and listen to stories. If things go according to plan, my Mom will head out to Tucson with Jim around MLK Day.

Fitz played endlessly with Sassy. He likes her long, ropy locks. He combs them with his teeth and even drags her by them in times of frustration.