The best times are after tests

After Michelle's big test was over Friday, we ate out with friends and picked up a couple movies at Blockbuster with one of our 2-sodas-popcorn-and-2-movies for free coupons (thank you Coke points!).

We watched Inglorious Basterds and The Hangover; both good but not quite optimal. I think it was the first time we sat down to watch a movie in a couple weeks.

Yesterday we cooked a nice breakfast, gave Fitz a haircut, and went on a long walk down the Augusta Canal. We spent the evening at Rebecca and Joe's dinner party in Edgefield, up yonder way. Good food, some beer, and a couple hours of Mario. We had to cut the game short at Bowser's castle :\

The sun is out again today, and that greatly affects my perception of a day's quality. You have to work harder to appreciate a cold, rainy day.

Looking forward to the next two weeks. I'll soon be done with a big, big Touchcards update, bringing better flashcards to iPhone users. We have more movies we'll see, TV shows to catch up on, books to read.

There's also a dentist appointment tomorrow, but I'm trying not to factor that in to the fun, carefree spirit of the break.