Beautiful weekend

It was a warm, shiny weekend. The leaves are colored nicely now, and they look even better with the sun behind them.

Fitz gave us a choking scare the other night. He was scarfing down a Waggin Train chicken tender and then started pawing wildly at his mouth. It looked like he couldn't close his jaws and he was salivating and coughing. It was funny at first (to me) but after it didn't stop, we became very worried.

I frantically started looking for an emergency vet while Michelle tried to clear his throat. She pulled a piece out of his mouth but he still kept straining and pawing at his face.

It became horrifying.

While she was on the phone with the vet I calmed Fitz and eventually noticed a piece stuck on the roof of his mouth. I took it out and he seemed to be fixed.

We took him to Banfield for an exam the next day, as dogs have structures in their throats that can be broken by prying fingers. He also experienced rib compression as we attempted a Heimlich on him.

Fast forward back to today. Fitz played with our neighbor's schnauzer Henry for 30 minutes this morning. Henry's 10 years old and fairly spry. He doesn't like to play as much as Fitz so Fitz puts a lot of effort into enticing him into action.

From our study we saw him charge Henry, get low, and then take off, running circles around the entire backyard.

It's the kind of thing he did at the Piedmont Park dog park last year. Glad to see he's still got it in him.