The first pumpkin carving in many years

IMG_6772 IMG_6770 For the past couple years I told Michelle we'd carve pumpkins, but we kept forgetting to buy pumpkins, so the opportunity (the sanctioned opportunity) would pass.

This year we almost had the opposite problem. I picked up a couple of 'kins at Walmart and then they sat on our kitchen counter for 2 weeks.

The stems were growing some mold so we finally cut into the pumpkins.

The choice of knife is important. It was a little awkward getting the top cut out.

Michelle cleaned hers quickly and then utilized an esoteric carving technique to get clean curves. She was done with her goofy-happy cyclops in about 10 minutes.

I labored over my sharp edges and totally asymmetic face for another 10 minutes after she left (yeah she left; something about med school or something).

The fruit of our labor will be some roasted pumpkin seeds.

Now I must remember Easter next year. Haven't painted eggs in years.