The Starbucks VIA challenge

IMG_6738 I took the VIA taste challenge yesterday and then again this morning with Michelle. I couldn't tell the difference the first time. I followed Michelle's lead this morning; she knew right away which one wasn't brewed. I can tell a difference between the cups, I just can't determine what the difference is and whether one's more desirable than the other.

The Pepsi Challenge was no match for Michelle, either. She's a supertaster.

I do drink a lot of coffee though, and I can certainly tell the difference between the $3-5 bags of ground coffee at the store and better roasts.

You can take the challenge from now until October 5th. You get a coupon for $1 off a pack of VIAs as well as a coupon for a free tall coffee. At the store we went to we were given some sample VIAs also.

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew by Starbucks Coffee. Probably a lot better than the usual office swill, and only $0.83 a cup.