Making the dog understand

One of the most recent things to turn Fitz's world upside down is the fact that our neighbors have returned from their two-month trip to Alaska. They left just days after we moved in, and in that time Fitz became accustomed to the smell and look of their yard. Our neighbor told us we could check on and eat any ripe tomatoes, so Fitz has been around.

Fitz even created a little path through the bushes that separate the two yards. He pokes through, smells around, looks for squirrels, and comes back to me.

Now every time we go on a walk he spends an inordinate amount of time sniffing the edges of their yard. He smells the other schnauzer. He looks up at the house, suspicious I guess.

If I'm not careful, he slips away from me while I'm letting him mosey around the yard. Sometimes I look through the bushes and see him on their door step.

This morning he came face to face with the other schnauzer through the window. I could hear barking from inside, and Fitz was really upset that someone was squatting on his lands.

I'm trying to get him to understand this situation.