The one with her white coat ceremony

Michelle started feeling ill before her second test. I picked her up afterward and we went to the mall for lunch and to shop around - the plan, essentially, was to do something besides study.

We hung out for awhile but she started feeling even worse so we drove home so she could rest.

She napped most of the afternoon. Her parents came, brought some supplies for us, and Fitz had a nice time visiting with Sassy again.

She tried to cuddle with me last night, but I spurned her advances. I shy from airborne particulate.

She brought it up this morning.

Today she slept until about 1 PM, when I woke her with the $2.99 double cheeseburger meal she asked for. We ate and left for the church where MCG's white coat ceremony was hosted. We had to be there at 2PM.


We sat and flipped through the program and waited for the class of 2013 to break through the doors. I was a little disappointed when they finally filed in, solemn. But I understand.

Her parents and I watched the door carefully as each new face pressed through, waiting to recognize Michelle.

IMG_6667 The white coats hung on a rack on stage.

IMG_6679 Michelle heading up to put her coat on. IMG_6680 IMG_0230