Her first time in a white coat

Today we went to the MCG bookstore to look at some stethoscopes for Michelle. She was unsure about the difference between the 22" and 27" models. Another student was standing at the counter with 5 models opened in front of him: Cardiology III's, Classics, etc.

As it happened, the store only carried the 27" model, and that one felt right for her.

She also asked to look at a dissection kit. The student looking at the stethoscopes ran over as the clerk went over each instrument in the case; he was having trouble getting all his blades back in and wanted to see how they were arranged originally.

We were about to leave as the clerk said while I've got you here, let's get you fitted for your coat. We walked over to the rack and he pulled a small off a hanger for her to try.

I happened to have our camera with me, so I took a picture of her trying it on. A historic little moment. IMG_0164

After that we walked outside, ran into our downstairs neighbor as she was heading into the gym, and went off to pre-find Michelle's building for orientation.