Getting situated in Augustaland

IMG_6471 The bulk of our belongings are sitting where they'll remain for at least another year. The move went well on Sunday and Monday. After mom and Jim left Sunday night, Michelle and I went to the Hampton Inn to get some rest. We woke up early the next morning to make sure we would meet the Two Men and a Truck guys between 8 and 9am.

I pulled the 26' Penske forward in the tight driveway and realized that with the incline it'd be very difficult for them to unload the truck.

I pulled the truck out and looped through the neighborhood to pull in the other way. Michelle helped guide me.

The movers were actually able to get all our stuff upstairs in the 2-hour minimum time we pre-paid. I helped move some things and staged the back of the Penske so they could get at the boxes easier.

Fitz has been very nervous amid all the moving. He went from the Metropolis to a fenced-in yard in Jonesboro with Sassy to this in the span of a couple months.
IMG_0157 He's walking slow outside and wants to stop a lot to take in the noises and smells.

He threw up last night in bed. I woke up to him nudging the sheets with his nose. I sat up thinking he wanted down and quickly noticed the lump of grass and mucus he was obscuring in the sheet fold.

His head sunk and he looked up at me from under his brows, showing the whites of his eyes. I went easy on him, of course, but it still makes me laugh that he thinks I'll be so stern with him.