Big changes in 2009

Let me take you back a couple of months and set the scene; I meant to write something about all this when it happened, but we were busy and maybe too ecstatic.

It was the last day of work for both of us. Michelle was having a good time with her coworkers and planning to leave early, and I was out riding along with my hacker brethren to have barbecue at Fox Bros.

The plan at that point was to take some time to visit with family over the summer before Michelle started med school at Mercer in the fall. She also had an acceptance at Rosalind Franklin, and while we liked Chicago, it felt a little too far away. Cold too.

She was also waiting to hear back from Ohio State.

On the way to the restaurant Michelle called me with the news we were both hoping would come that day: she got The Call. She was in at MCG.

The burden of an extra $20,000 a year in tuition instantly lifted from our shoulders. More importantly, it was a better school and her top choice.

The sun was bright and as Bill's car turned the corners and let the light in, I felt a little like the blind guy in Amelie that gets enveloped by sunlight. It really was a great feeling. Doing away with uncertainty always feels good.

IMG_5236 Now, at present, we're a few days away from yet another painful move. We can finally relieve Michelle's parents of all the furniture we've been storing at their house the past couple years (and especially the last couple months). The Penske is scheduled, and my mom and Jim will help us with packing the truck. We hired some movers for unpacking (and walking furniture up the stairs) in Augusta.

Michelle, after planning for this future 3 years ago in Crestview, and not really having any idea how it'd all unfold, is now shopping for textbooks and mulling which scrubs and latex gloves will leave her smelling least like formaldehyde after her gross anatomy lab. I appreciate her effort in this.

Things are looking good for me too. After several years of lamenting not enough time to work on side projects, I'm taking some time to push forward with my ideas.

Fitz the frantic schnauzer will certainly enjoy the fact that we're almost always at home with him.