Augusta rentals

We woke up at 6am on Tuesday to drive to Augusta to meet with various people to see things we could rent while Michelle is at MCG. I had a headache when we woke up, and I had been up 3 hours prior to this throwing up. The drive, even if you're feeling great, is pretty dull. No variation in terrain, nearly constant velocity. You might as well go stand in a small room for 2.5 hours until someone opens the door and says "we're here, friend."

My restlessness lately has me worried about our trip abroad. I even felt a little itchy on our four hour flight out to Las Vegas last week.

We first met up with a realtor who showed us 3 homes. They were all pretty dilapidated, with worn cabinets and counters, and strange smells. The smells may be due to the homes sitting vacant with no A/C, but they don't make a great first impression.

We then drove to see some apartments/townhomes closer to campus on our own. Some of these apartments looked like projects from the outside, but they were decent on the interior. Better than the homes we had just seen, and very affordable.

Next we met up with a local guy that owns dozens of rentals in the area. He had a very nice duplex available. It was well lit, clean, decorated, and felt like something we'd actually buy and want to live in. His second unit was a little outdated on the interior and the ceilings felt too low.

After that we checked out a few official apartment complexes. They were clean, but I have a feeling we'd hear our neighbors a lot and the prices were more than that of the duplex.

We're opting for the duplex, but we haven't heard back from the guy yet, and I have a feeling he wasn't exactly sure when the current tenants were leaving (or if they're leaving at all).

The things we can now fall back should the duplex fall through aren't great at all, and driving back down for a day isn't really an option we want to have to use, especially with our trip coming up early next week.