The Weekend in Review

We spent Friday night playing massive rounds of Halo 2 at Chris and Theresa's. Jeremy and Roger came down and had their own Xbox's and TVs set up. That lasted till about 1 am, then we went home and slept long and deep.

Saturday I woke up and started working on the closet. I had to screw in the railings and paint stuff and glue the wood slats down. Anyway, it took awhile but it's finally done. finally.

Michelle went with Theresa to Destin Commons that night and I stayed back with the guys to play some more Halo 2. One of the guys we were playing against set up a custom game with no shields and all shotguns. There was also a round where we only melee'd. One platform constantly had 8 guys boxing it out, bodies piled 'round.

Today was house-cleaning mostly, and moving our work clothes back into the closet. Ordered some Papa John's pizzas for lunch using an expired coupon.

Brian's been working on moving the domains to DreamHost, so I won't have to obsess about losing data anymore. He's swell.

Michelle fell asleep with her head on my chest while I was reading the latest issue of Four Wheeler.

How to feel old: browse and look at the Hot 100 Rewind where they show you the hits from 1, 5, 10, and 15 years ago. You'll inevitably go yeah, I remember that followed by that was 10 years ago!?.

Funny picture of a breakfast bonanza. I picture walking into the breakroom to discover this bed-headed purveyor of fine breakfast goods.