Last days

Tomorrow is our last day at work. We'll be packing the apartment up and trying to move stuff over the weekend, in between the forecasted showers. I've had a great two years at my current job, and I think Michelle enjoyed coming back to Tech and working for a year (although the daily run up to Alpharetta won't be missed at all).

Up next we have Las Vegas, and then a trip around the world. Once we return we'll find a new place to live, and Michelle will start med school.

I remember walking one night in our neighborhood in Crestview, talking about what we really loved and wanted to do. She kept revisiting medicine in her thoughts over the years, and we decided shortly after that walk to pursue that path. It's not something you can do instantly, so she took a course in Florida before we were able to move back to Atlanta. Then there was the long application and interview cycle. And even now, in mid May, we don't exactly where we'll live, though we're planning for Macon, which is still close to family and Atlanta proper.