Another yorkie

We drove down to Jonesboro to drop a couple of crates off ahead of our big move in a few weeks. The garage door was shut when we pulled up and nobody was answering the phone. We went into the back yard to try that door but it was also locked (which, in reality, is a good thing). We left Fitz in the yard as we went back around to use the doorbell. He yelped and cried as we moved out of sight. I saw him dash off, as if to meet us.

Michelle's mom answered the door and when she opened the door Fitz burst out to see me, so I gave him some credit for using his wits. We stepped inside and worked on putting the boxes up. Michelle's mom was roaming around yelling for Sassy, which was a little confusing. We figured she was just tired and calling for her out of habit.

But she kept calling for Sassy, even when she clearly saw both Fitz and Lady in front of her. Michelle and I looked at each other.

Then her mom walked into the kitchen holding a tiny little Yorkie. I was surprised, and also happy that there actually was another dog that needed calling.

It's cute and full of energy and seems to enjoy following Fitz around the yard. Sometimes she bites at his legs and musters a small bark to entice him into play.