The KFC birdie

A strong rain fell on us as we drove down Ponce to the KFC. We have been compelled by the new $4 boxes they have. I ducked inside while Michelle and Fitz waited in the car. The workers inside didn't inspire much confidence, though they were a jovial bunch. I waited for 5 minutes as my potato wedges cooked. The woman gave me extra wedges for my trouble, so that was okay.

I ran back out into the rain with our food. When I got in the car Michelle pointed to her friend, the bird. You see, a tiny bird had flown up to her window and was perched on the edge. It seemed cold and wet. We debated the best course of action. I turned the car on, figuring the vibration of the start would startle it. It didn't work.

I hopped out and it didn't fly away as I came around to its side. I put my had out under it's legs and it stepped, somewhat reluctantly, onto them. I then carried it over to the nearest tree and he jumped off. I don't know if he was sick or just startled and wet, but it was a pretty interesting experience. And I tried not to touch too much afterward, and washed my hands, if you were wondering.