Running the Pi Mile and strolling through the Dogwood Festival

A few weeks ago Michelle signed us up for the Pi Mile at Georgia Tech. We didn't work hard or prepare in any way beyond just going to the gym like we normally do. The race was this morning and we woke up at 6:45 (after staying up until around 1:30). Things could have been better.

We tried to convince Fitz it was a normal work day (he didn't really buy it and kept looking for Michelle, which is not what he does Monday through Friday) so he wouldn't freak out when we left.

Everyone gathered under the Tech Tower. We grabbed our race numbers, pinned them, and walked over to the starting line where a throng had gathered. The race started and people started shuffling forward. I briefly worried I might somehow be trampled.

Then we ran. And ran. And all of Tech is somehow uphill.

I finished with a good time and Michelle followed some minutes later, making her goal time also. By the time all of this was over and we were eating bagels and apples, it was barely 9:00.

We went home and rested for a little before taking Fitz out. We brought his stroller and walked with it through the neighborhood as we made our way to Piedmont park. The Dogwood festival is going on this weekend and dog's aren't allowed. Once we got to the park we tossed him into the stroller and walked through. It's convenient to have a stroller because people who might not normally get out of your way do.

We let him out at the dog park and met some very chatty people. We left and walked through a crowd whose size had clearly doubled in the hour since we had last passed through it.

Most people think Fitz is a baby. They don't really look. Others see that we're pushing a dog and are usually pretty cool about it. They talk amongst themselves, but not so quiet that you can't hear them. Oh look that's a dog! Honey look! or Only in the city, only in the CITY!

Then there was sun, some coding, taking bikes down to Jonesboro, and an unfortunate amount of time spent driving from Monroe and 10th back home. A lot going on this weekend, but it was also perfect weather for these things.

I think tomorrow will be nice also. The streets of Atlanta are empty until around noon on Sundays due to all the hangovers and Also, it might rain.