Touchcards - get your Quizlet and StudyStack flash cards on iPhone

Updated 1/5/11: study flashcards on your iPad with Cardboard.

Updated 1/8/10 : official Touchcards iPhone app

I'm working on finishing version 1.0 of my next iPhone/Touch app. I've set up the development schedule so that I can make fairly frequent updates, with 1.0 representing the basic quantum of utility.

Touchcards allows you to study decks of flash cards on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Nearly every aspect of studying a deck involves touch, so the screen real estate is maximized. You can flip cards, swipe, zoom the text, etc. It's obviously not the only software for studying flash cards in the App Store.

There are a lot of great sites for getting pre-created, free flash card decks, including Quizlet and StudyStack. Touchcards allows you to import flashcards from both Quizlet and StudyStack, which means you can practice any of the sets on those sites. There are hundreds of thousands to choose from.

If you don't have an account at either of those sites (or if you can't find a pre-existing set you need), you can make your own flash cards using Google Docs. Simply create a spreadsheet, fill the first column with "questions" and the second column with "answers", and export your spreadsheet as a publicly viewable website. Type the URL to your flash card set into Touchcards and import. Your flash cards remain safe and easily editable via Google Docs. I'll have an update on how to do this.

The app should be sent to Apple for approval in the next week or two.

update App was approved, read about Touchcards here.

If you've got an iPhone or iPod Touch and want to watch your kids learn, browse Quizlet or StudyStack (or create your own cards in a Google Docs spreadsheet) for good sets. You can find kids math sets, flashcards for parts of the body, foods, transportation, the alphabet, general math, algebra, multiplication, and many more. They should find it fun and easy to swipe and tap their way through the set.

It's simple and fun interactive learning, good for all ages, and backed by the great communities and copious flashcard sets at Quizlet and StudyStack. And low-stakes learning methods are still the best.