A case of Fitz policing the park

I woke up this morning to bright sunshine. I set to work on finishing some functionality for Touchcards, my next iPhone app.

As the clock approached 9:00 I figured I should begin waking Michelle, gently. I turned up my music for awhile, and eventually started making coffee and turkey bacon. She didn't register any of it, but eventually wiggled her toes around 9:45.

We ate breakfast and asked Fitz if he wanted to go to the park. He flips out when we do this, and runs back and forth crying. We act like we don't hear him, and I think he gets frustrated with the poor communication. Yes! I seriously want to go is what I imagine he says.

The park finally had some other dogs in it, but the ground was still muddy despite the day and a half of sunshine.

We stood around watching Fitz run and someone approached the gates with a large dog. I think he was getting his smaller dog out of the park, but as he opened the first gate his large dog waked into the holding bay. Fitz immediately ran towards the fence and barked at the dog. The other people in the park laughed at his behavior and sounding of the alarm.

After that we drove up to REI to look at some all-weather pants for our trip this summer. Almost had some luck but the fit of these outdoors pants can be awkward. Mine were the closest I've come to Hammer pants since the 80's.

We brought Subway home, ate, and sometime later fell asleep with Scrubs playing.

Since then we've done our grocery shopping, had a great dinner, and done some more work and ticket-booking.