Events Big and Small

Michelle won an award today. She had her doubts as the ceremony approached, not knowing who really won. I felt sure she had it, but didn't say anything because she gets upset when I'm confident and it goes bad. As I walked toward her after work she was smiling, hiding something under her jacket. She's such a cheeseball, it was so obvious. Then, a dozen feet apart, she unveils the shiny eagle trophy thing. I'm really proud of her.

We ate lunch at Slick Mick's today in Ft. Walton Beach. The jalapeno poppers are awesome. They are unconventional; instead of a fried jalapeno skin, it's more like an eggroll with cheese and jalapeno bits as filling. I'll pull a Justin Frankel here and say mmm.

Ate dinner at Moe's and then picked up our treadmill, a ProForm XP 542s, from Sears. It's huge, but works well. I plan on making a cheesy treadmill review for it shortly. update here's a little more on it.

Despite my efforts to back up data, I seem to have lost some images from last year. I have the disc, it's just that some of the images won't read and are corrupt. Frustrating.