Fenceless Fitz

Yesterday after work we walked through the neighborhood behind our apartment and crossed over into Piedmont Park. The place was packed as usual due to the warm weather and the extra hour of daylight. The dog park has been closed for a couple days as they're building a new enclosure (and eventually the temporary enclosure will give way to a completely renovated dog park) and signs were posted along the route.

We decided to walk to the park anyway to see how things looked. Once we got closer, we could see that there were quite a few people and there dogs where the park used to be. We let Fitz go and jumped up on some rocks opposite each other. I called Fitz up onto my rock and he jumped up without trouble. Then Michelle called him and he lept from my rock to the ground running. He jumped at the steep side of her rock -- a cliff actually -- and hit his face on the edge and fell backwards onto his back.

He didn't yelp but he seemed to wince and stick his tongue out a little. Michelle checked him out and we went and sat on a bench that's in the small dog park area. Fitz roamed around a little and actually walked along the line where the fence used to be. He saw a dog across that line and seemed to want to chase it but stayed. Michelle crossed the fence, called him, and he immediately understood this was allowed and ran after the dog.

Then we walked home, got some Subway, and watched Bear Grylls. I could be Bear Grylls.