Premier Spraysense anti-bark collar

About a year ago we had to buy Fitz a collar to curb his barking when we left the condo due to issues with neighbors. A bark collar of any kind was the last thing we wanted to buy or have to use. We ended up buying the Premier Spray Sense Anti Bark Collar We had an issue with the collar failing after a few months, but Premier was great about sending a replacement unit. Fitz doesn't like the collar but it hasn't changed his overall behavior beyond making sure he doesn't bark when we leave. He also seems to know he can bark and "protect" the house just fine so long as it's off. IMG_5026 Recently, after about 6 months of using the replacement, the unit failed again. I contacted Premier and was told a new unit would be shipped immediately at no cost. I also received some information from the manager of the Quality Control department explaining some manufacturing issues and some recent advancements that have made it into the more recent production runs. While it's unfortunate to experience a couple failures, I was happy Premier was so honest about the issues and made sure we received replacements as quickly as possible.